Simon Harriyott

Going out to dinner with unstrangers

A little different to Wednesday's adventure, in that I knew everyone at the first Uckfield geek dinner, and there were no astrophysicists.

It was really jolly, despite someone asking what the difference was between generic code and reusable code. I think the nearest we got was that generic code is reusable, but reusable code isn't necessarily generic.

Again, the food was good, but in a different way. We got through 3.5 kilos of mussels.

All in all it was a success, and I'm going to organise another one, possibly in a couple of month's time. Apparently there's a good curry house in Crowborough (also in East Sussex, England), so it might well be there. If you are a geek, then you're very welcome. Let me know if you want to come along, and I'll keep you posted.
5 February 2005