Simon Harriyott

Going out to dinner with strangers

A couple of days ago, I noticed that there was a geek dinner going on in London. I'd already booked mine, but as I knew everyone going, I thought it might be cool to go to one where I didn't know anyone.

It was cool. I've just got back. I met some really interesting people, including an astrophysicist (just a day job), someone who got his last job from an IM conversation, and someone who (amongst other things) has been asked to measure the height of biscuits to the nearest thousand of an inch. I sat opposite Frank Shaw, who brought along his tablet PC, with detachable keyboard. Nice. We discussed podcasting, the future of the media,

What I particularly enjoyed was conversations about things I've been reading on the web, with people who read the same weblogs as I do. They've met Robert Scoble. That doesn't seem to happen in Uckfield. I get asked what a blog is. My wife is starting to understand though. She asked if we were going to Apple-Mac-Donalds.

It seems funny that I have more in common with a table full of strangers than some of my closest friends.

Oh yeah, the food was good too.

3 February 2005