Simon Harriyott

The hardest support thing I've done

The new lodger wanted to get her laptop on the internet, and she has an existing dial-up account, but I thought this wouldn't work. On my PC, I setup a Tiscali pay-as-you-go account, and copied the settings onto the laptop. The only complication was that both the lodger and her Windows XP are Greek.

I learned two new Greek works (but I can't type them on my PC) - "nay" means "yes" and "ochi" means "no". I can sort of recognise Cancel as well.

I had to go through the motions on my PC, and copy the button clicks on the laptop. It took ages. Very interesting though. I was surprised at just how many things were in English on her desktop.

There's trouble brewing: there were two different virus warnings on the laptop, and her subscription is months out of date. When disconnecting, I noticed that over 1MB had been sent, and 2MB had been received. All we did is visit to see if we could browse. I suspect some evilness is going on.

I suspect that I will have some more encounters with Windows XP Greek. A whole new level of challenge to everyday maintenance tasks.

19 January 2005