Simon Harriyott

Good recruitment agent

Something about the word "agent", when applied to a person, is usually construed as negative. Estate, insurance, recruitment; they've all got a generic bad name. I have found a good recruitment agent, however.

I can't remember when I first spoke to Andy from Siptus, but I think he must have seen my CV on a job website and phoned me. Like most agencies, he asked what I did, what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to work. Unlike most agencies, he didn't suggest jobs that were inappropriate, or too far away, and I think he found only one that he was willing to suggest to me. He was really helpful when I had questions about the interview, personality profile, aptitude test, second interview...

I got the job.

Andy phoned me today, nearly two months after I started the new job, just to see how I was doing and to wish me a merry Christmas. He didn't have another job to put me forward for, and wasn't asking if I knew anyone that might be interested in a QNX job in Wakefield or anything.

He'd also phoned my new boss to see how I was doing, and to wish him a merry Christmas. I had a chat with my new boss a couple of weeks after I started here, and he told me that Andy had sent him only three CVs for the job. Most agencies mail-bomb him with what seems like every CV with the word "software" on it.

Andy hasn't asked me to write any of this, and as far as I'm aware, he doesn't know I have a weblog. I want to recommend him to you as a refreshing change from ordinary agencies.
23 December 2004