Simon Harriyott

Meeting an end user

Went on a Glassmatix product training course today with one of my developer colleagues, learning how be an end user for the product I'll be working on. It was interesting to see how it worked, but it was much more interesting talking to a body shop estimator who uses Glassmatix and Audatex (a competitor's product) every day.

He told me that estimates used to take less time to produce than they do now, as there's extra information (e.g. imaging) to process. I also learned that the insurers are keen to reduce the value of the estimates so they can (presumably) pass savings onto customers, and body shops need to ensure that the value isn't reduced so much that they lose money on repairs. A lot of time and effort goes into negotiating a fair estimate that both repairer and insurer are content with. These seem to be the big issues in a body shop estimator's average day at work.

Clearly I have heard the view of only the body shop estimator, and not that of an insurer. The insurer will use the software in a different way, and have different concerns and objectives.
23 November 2004