Simon Harriyott

Personality testing

I had the results of my personality test today, and I am stunned by its accuracy. I'm not very self-aware, so some of the observations were new to me, although once I'd read them I heartily agreed.

Being a software engineer in a small team, I was encouraged by phrases like "Mr. Harriyott needs sincere appreciation and a feeling of being an integrated member of of the team", and "Although he is naturally logical and systematic in his dealings, he emphasises these characteristics when under pressure". These sound like useful qualities to have in my job.

There were a couple of things I'm going to work on, namely stubbornness and inflexibility. I suppose the testers are going to make the report sound as positive as possible, but I would benefit from reading it critically as well as egotistically. I found the test really useful to understand how I react, and I will try to choose situations that suit my personality in future.
24 September 2004