Simon Harriyott

New Job

I've just found out that I've got a new job! I'm leaving my current position because there has been very little C# (or any other sort of) programming work this year, and I've been on SCADA projects instead. The new job is only 15 minutes from home, and I'll be working in a barn conversion overlooking the pleasant countryside views. Lovely.

In contrast to my current job, they use NUnit for unit testing, there is a team of software testers (one more point in the Joel test). They didn't get me to write any code for the interview, but I did take a personality test, and an aptitude test (which I'll write about soon).

I'm really looking forward to starting in 4 weeks time. I've been at my current job for six and a half years, and I will greatly miss some of the people here. But still...

27 September 2004